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1 Day in the Circus,by Sachin

Arrived at the Big Tent! The outside is striped with teal and gold. I am eager and scared for the show at 6pm! Wish me luck!
Gulp. The first trick I must perform is deathly- sticking my hand in the mouth of a ravenous lion….
We’ve just found out what each of us are doing- what I am doing is basically just stunts- and when I mean stunts, I mean DANGEROUS, like FATAL.
Ok, we’ve just had our practice session.
Just finished Circus Lunch- this is like a tasteless slice of bread with protein tablets mixed in! I know! Yuck!!!
U oh…. there is only 1 hour and… erm..28 minutes-eeekk!!
Show’s started…I can see avid fans of the circus glaring at me with swollen crimson eyeballs. With the heat of the stares, I sweat. 1 drop- another- falling in rapid succession. I feel like falling myself- I shake….

2 thoughts on “1 Day in the Circus,by Sachin”

  1. Creativity Mrs W says:

    This is great Sachin, I love how you wrote it in a diary fashion, but with times. Very creative. This would make a great comic with illustrations. You might get some ideas from Neal Layton! Thank you for your contribution Sachin! 🙂

  2. Sachin says:

    Thanks Mrs W I enjoyed Bubble Monday thanks I like your comments 🙂

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