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A Day In The Life OF An Acrobat by Bethany (10)

A Day In The Life Of An Acrobat-

I am getting ready for the first show in March. It is quite freezing, but I have to wear the tight, blue leotard that I always do. I get out of my bunk, a triple one, with my Acro team, Florenca and Hanna. We all dress and emerge from the tent into the kerfuffle of the morning in Norfolk.

The ringmaster is hurrying around the site, barking at all of the acts to speed up like an angry rhinoceros. Pulling the tent up, we are now following the clowns for a final practice…

As fast as the morning comes, so does the afternoon (as always!) I shook with fear. What if I fall? I’ve never fallen! Hearing the bellowing voice of the ringmaster, I am marching in with Flo and Hanna. Am I ready? Can I do it? Hanna always says I doubt myself too much nowadays. Taking a deep breath, I leapt onto Flo’s shoulders, letting the performance begin. Suddenly, I was thrown into Hanna’s arms and I was flung back into the air. The exhilarating feeling of air rushing past my face was regular to me, and I was a usual visitor of lurches in the stomach.

As the show finished, and I walked off out to the back, I knew I had delivered a clean routine…

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