A Day In The Life Of Libby Lockdown

Hello. I’m Libby Lockdown. This is my diary, so if you are reading this, you unfortunate beings must be in lockdown yourself.

I sat on my small stool on a computer, waiting for my friend Alix to pick up. Suddenly, a face popped up on the screen with deep, mesmerising, chestnut eyes and dark hair. “Hello Alix!” I said merrily. “Hi Libby.” Her voice crackled slightly, like tin foil being scrunched up, as the internet connection stopped working.

“How are Mike and Fred then?” I asked. Nodding her head from side to side, she replied, “OK. Annoying but OK.” “Mine too. They’re trashing my room.” I groaned, showing her my room with paper strewn everywhere and fake plants knocked over. I laughed along with her until we were spluttering and clutching our stomachs. “We REALLY are best friends!” I gasped. Her hair bobbed as she nodded. “I-I-know.I-can’t-breathe!” She muttered between frantic gasps for breath. Then, we started laughing again, until my throat hurt.

It was the BEST VIDEO CALL EVER! We even had a Video Party with our friends, Max and Gareth, afterwards! As I am sitting in my bed now, writing this, my lungs still hurt from laughing with my best friends.

Signing off, Libby Lockdown xx