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A Hint of Light

The days may have been long and dark, love ones lost and friends missed. Tables in schools sat empty and silent. The roundabouts and swings taped off, football just a memory. Through all this rainbows glittered, birds sang and the sound of clapping echoed around our towns. We all got to meet our neighbours and the pace of daily life slowed. We all loved just a little bit more. My hope is that this light keeps shining to take the darkness away.

One thought on “A Hint of Light”

  1. Creativity Mrs W says:

    Wow Jamie, this brought a lump to my throat.
    Thank you so much for writing this. This should be written in a book. You should be very proud of your writing. Have you thought about saying what birds they are? (Pie Corbett reminds us to name things). I wonder what this would look like as a poem, with each sentence on a different line. A fabulous piece which is very moving. Great effort 🙂

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