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Aliens among us!

I crashed on this place that humans call Earth and struggled to breath their air.I soon adapted to it and I managed to create an invention that allows this race to see me as one of them.I went to this place which they call school. It was pretty strange.All those bells.My head was ringing.I soon updated my scientific machine so that my ship can look like this thing that this mysterious race called a house.The machine only lasted for a short amount of time.I was once preforming on stage and I was still in my fleshy form.Until the drum solo came along and revealed my true identity.They saw my 4 arms, my 5 eyes,my 3 legs,my 2 horns and laughed.I am positive that that they thought it was hilarious. They thought that it as all apart of the show but boy were they wrong.It was quite funny actually.Everybody was laughing at my “costume” so I continued to dance.A few weeks later I was asked if I could keep a secret and I told them that they do not have a clue about what secrets I was currently keeping.THE END!