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Aliens love doughnuts

There are no doughnuts in space. So the poor aliens have to travel thousand of miles to get to earth just to get one lick of it.They travel in there doughnut space ships for hours.When they see the delicious,fried round cake with a hole in it they send a big alarm into every ship and zoom down to earth .Aliens like all doughnuts but they do have a favourite … They are the ones that have the pink icing and the multi-coloured sprinkles!!!! And you won’t guess what they do with them , they eat them,lick them ,hula-hoop with them and way more.So if your doughnuts are missing you know who stole them …it was the aliens!

3 thoughts on “Aliens love doughnuts”

  1. Creativity Mrs W says:

    This is great Alice. I love the way the alien does a ‘hula-hoop’ with the doughnut – what an imagination you have! Are they small enough to fit into a doughnut or do they shrink themselves? I like the statement at the end too. When my doughnuts go missing I will blame the aliens from now on (actually it’s me – maybe I am the doughnut alien!!) I wonder how you could use a question mark in your sentences too? Good ideas Alice. Well done 🙂

    1. Alice Thorntree says:

      They are so tiny !!
      Thank you for reading my work

      1. Creativity Mrs W says:

        Thank you Alice for your reply. I can imagine them now that they are tiny! How exciting. Its a bit like the people who live in the library of everything – how exciting. Great effort 🙂

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