Aliens love parties

Some people think that aliens just come to earth so that they can take over the world but no they don’t they come because they love to party they sneak into them all the time but you probably cant see them as they wear a invisible suit.
The Aliens have came to earth to find this huge party that was going on so that they could just eat the food and dance and mess around but they cant find it.
They use a big space ship that they normally have parties in and they have disco lights and a large dance floor but don’t worry about who is driving because the ship drives by its self.
They eventually found the enormous party it was even bigger then they thought as soon as they saw the food they ran so fast to the food and gobbled it up.
They were super happy that they found it so they could dance the night away and of course to eat food.
They love all kinds of parties big, small, childish or even wedding it doesn’t matter as they are all good.
When they look for big parties they normally use a space ship which camouflaged into every thing they use the same space ship and they do lots of fun games like musical chairs and musical statue and dancing games.
Sometimes the owners of the parties get blamed for not ordering or making enough food but it is actually the aliens who eat the food.
When the aliens go home at last check the house to see if they are in there waiting for another party.

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  1. Creativity Mrs W says:

    This is brilliant Avina – I love the idea that the owners get blamed for not ordering enough food and the alien eat it! I wonder how you could use some parenthesis to ad more information. Thanks Avina for your effort today 🙂

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