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aliens that love clocks

Aliens come to earth as they do not have clocks in mars and they need to tell the time . They have came look for clocks as they do not have them . They get to earth by building a rocket out of all the scraps they have on they world . When they see what they are looking for the will take it a they will make a clock that does not work . And when people come it does not mater as they will change colour to the same colour as the wall it will not look like they is a lump on the wall as they will go super small and super super thing. When they see what they are look for the feel so happy . They like all kinds but a special grand father clocks so beware never leave these out or they will be taken and they also like any other clocks so never leave them out. If they do take them they will never give them back and they will go and give them to homeless people and they will give to they self and will break them and put it in the brand new rocket that they make every day. People and pet will get bland as the will break in and you will know that they have broke as they will be a small hole in your window. When they aliens go home they will go to sleep and then they will wake up a three in the morning and build the rocket and then they are on a six hour joinery to earth.


One thought on “aliens that love clocks”

  1. Creativity Mrs W says:

    Thanks Kitty. I love how your aliens particularly like Grandfather Clocks. I wonder what is is about them they like? Do they like Grandmother clocks too? I wonder how you could use some fronted adverbials at the start of your sentences too. Thanks for your effort Kitty 🙂

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