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Autumn Thursday 10th September

It’s Autumn Thursday!
Listen to the show AGAIN:


Activity 1

Made with Padlet

Activity 2

Made with Padlet

Activity 3

Write an Autumn Acrostic

  • Don't forget that each word of each line has to start with a letter from the word AUTUMN, written down the side of your post. Before you click submit, make sure you have reviewed your post and checked that the spelling and punctuation are correct and that it makes sense.
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One thought on “Autumn Thursday 10th September”

  1. Larraine Harrison says:

    I love the cross curricular nature of this show – poems one day. sport , autumn and maths the next! What more could you ask! Hope lots are going to listen on the catch up now they are at school – or better still – I hope teachers use it in class. I know I would.

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