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big bony bob

Big bony bob is a big and very tall person. He has a wooden black and brown boat and lots of canons and nobody else lives on the boat as nobody likes Big Bony Bob. So he was all ways left out of all the pirate fun. that make him super sad .

so one day he set out on his boat to the sea. And when he got to the sea he saw the other boat which he called the winner of the sea dogs and the other boat he called under dogs so . He crept up to the winner of the sea dogs and the never new that he was coming. As they never know when some one is coming so he got in my small rowing boat and whet across and he heard the winner of the sea dogs hacking a plan . So he rushed back to his boat and went over to the under dogs and told them that the winner of the sea dogs are fighting you to night at might night on the dot. some kept all your weapons with you if you would like he will help you as he became first place in a fight competition so he help and that very night they did not go to sleep they were acting that they were going to sleep .so they stared to fight it went on just for two hours and the under dogs are the winners as none of they team died . so they solved the problem and the under dogs became the winners of the sea dogs and Big Bony BOB was in charged of all the pirates .

He felt amazing and all he wanted to do was boss every one around and in the future i think the will not fight as they all like each other and it is like they are all family.