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Dinner time

“Dylan, Bill it’s time for dinner!” Shouted my mum from down stairs. You might be wondering whats going on, well its simple, my brother and i are professional Yewtubers who upload the BEST videos. Of sheep. It’s all a farmers child can do really. anyway back to the story. We rushed down stairs at sonic speeds, it was macaroni cheese, yum. But suddenly a MONSTER leapt out… that didn’t happen but i was just seeing if your brave enough to continue.You are? Ok ill carry on. Anyway we ate our dinner then rushed back upstairs but when we got to my room it wasn’t there but in its place was a portal! A real life portal! Obviously being the mature grown up boys we where we grabbed our camera and rushed inside.

On the other side were dinosaurs big, scary and…pink? All of them bright pink, purple ,blue you name it they were that colour. It was amazing! The scientist were soooo wrong a bout them being brown or green they were the most vibrant, dazzling things EVER! “Good evening peculiar creatures. What brings you here?” said a blue T-Rex. We both fainted on the spot but when we awoke we were in ancient Egypt. There were men climbing, carrying, trying to build a pyramid. Made of tonnes and tonnes of blocks of paper mache. Some were painting over it in an ugly yellow but then a pharaoh walked past and spotted us lying on the ground immediately we fainted AGAIN.

This time we woke up back in our house but 3 hours before.


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