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The alien loves to eating stuff from bins so the alien hop on there gigantic carrot and gose to Earth when he arrived he was searching for a bin then at the corner of his eyes he saw a bin but it was in this big brick plas he seen an open window so he climbed on a car then he jumps and then hangs on the window then fals in he bumped his head but it is ok he’s done far wers then he saw a BIN!!!! he dashed over to the bin lift the bin but nothing was there the alien thinking in his head I did all that work for nothing. He was so sad so he exited the door with a rely sad face then he notice a bin he was so happy but this bin was long and green he jumped up and he saw rubbish in the bin he had a feast he called his friends and he said come to earth and have a feast with me they said ok they said.Then they all had fun.

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