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Fab Football Frenzy

Last season Sam brought a season ticket for his favourite football team. This season ticket entitled Sam to watch 24 games.
As Sam is aged 12, he missed 4 of the games due to catching up on homework.
Although he missed 4 games, he still had to pay for all 24 games.

Season tickets prices:
5-10 years (£90 plus 10% for the upkeep of the club)
11-15 years (£120 plus 10% for the upkeep of the club)
When you buy a season ticket an additional 10% also has to be paid for the upkeep of the club.

Ticket prices at the gate:
5-10 years (£4.50)
11-15 years (£6.50)

Would it have been cheaper for Sam to pay on the gate, or did he do the right thing by buying a season ticket?


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