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Giant John’s Adventure

Giant John was a powerful, muscular pirate because he used to train every day for seven hours straight with no break apart from two fishes in the midway time of training. Giant John has a gargantuan ship and he is the owner of it and obviously the leader of it. To be honest Giant John’s ship is as massive as a football stadium. He can fit in 1094 people in his gigantic ship. So he fell asleep around 11:30 pm because training for basically a half of the day so now he can finally have a lovely sleep is what he thought. But no! All he could hear was that there was thunder and lightening and very heavy rain and he could feel the ships tilting back and forth. So he went out of his room to see what on Earth was going on. So he went out and saw about ninety-five people falling off his ship and it was sinking slowly and slowly.
Giant John panicked so hard that he was attempting to dive deep down to save his members of his squad. But all he could do was panic and panic and panic. He was able to pick up eleven of his other members and surprisingly he was not wet at all! His friend surprisingly had a secret remote control that could make the old boat into a brand new ship. So Giant John snatched the control and smacked the red button and there appeared a brand new boat. “Hey wait a minute, don’t destroy this on!” he screamed.
“Whatever,” Giant John replied.
Maybe in the future, his boat will sink again! You never know.