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Hengoed Primary School Radio Show

Hengoed Primary School Radio Show
A Virtual Live Radio Broadcasting Workshop
Hosted by
Russell Prue @RussellPrue
First Broadcast on Monday 8th November 2021
Listen to the show AGAIN HERE:


This is a great example of a remotely hosted broadcasting workshop, we connected our studio in Oxfordshire to a classroom PC via Google Classrooms Meet.  The YR5/6 class spent the morning learning from Russell how to write scripts and host a show.  After two rehearsals the 28 Pupils were ready to go at 2:00pm.  We had 42 live listeners from Wales, France, England, Sweden and The USA.  Listeners were encouraged to TEXT in and write on the show PADLET.  SMS TEXT messages were moderated and then posted on the showpage PADLET so that the Presenters could read them out live in the show.  Thank you to everyone who tuned in, they helped us made a fantastic show.


Made with Padlet


 If you’d like to contact Russell and ask about the cost of a similar show in your setting please call his office on 0845 838 5150 or 0203 4798 5258 or drop him an email Russell Prue

 No special equipment is needed on your site, just a good quality microphone and some speakers, the rest we handle from our studio desk including off-air prompts and Producer’s commentary.

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