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Henry the VIII’ shoes

I had woken up late for school and a random pair of leather shoes caught the corner of my eye. I walked over to them and checked the size and surprisingly, the shoes had my size so I decided to try them on. They were quite comfy until all of a sudden, I was taken to a new world. Standing in front of my eyes stood a colossal palace so I thought to myself. Who’s shoes could these be? I quickly decided to walk over to the palace and I saw a lot of servants crowding towards me asking if there was anything else to do. It left me puzzled for a second until I realised that the servants thought that I was their king…

2 thoughts on “Henry the VIII’ shoes”

  1. Bethany and Michela says:

    This is such an interesting piece of writing! I love how you made it clear that you were puzzled! Where are you when the shoes catch your eye? Maybe you could describe that a bit more! We like this a lot! WELL DONE ALEX!

    Bethany and Michela xx 🙂

  2. Rachel Orr says:

    Alex, I love how you have given the pair of shoes the ability to transpORRt the wearer into a different period in time. That is inspired. I wonder if they also had the ability to make the wearer become a person living in a different time period. Perhaps you became Henry VIII the minute you slipped that random pair of leather shoes.

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