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Hope for the future!

I hope that in the future this pandemic will end so that we can meet up with family and friends again.We have to keep our social distance and wash our hands plenty times a day. Right now I am desperate for a big squeeze from my Best Friends but unfortunately it is not possible as there is a pandemic going on. My message for you is to stay positive and strong.Enjoy this time with the people who live under your roof. STAY HOME-STAY SAFE-PROTECT THE NHS!

One thought on “Hope for the future!”

  1. Carol Allen says:

    Hello Caitlyn
    Thank you for taking the time to write this post, I really enjoyed reading it. I agree with you, I am also desperate to hug my close friends. I really like the way you used capital letters for ‘Best Friends’ to make the words stand out and help the reader to know that these are special people for you. Using capitals for your final message also has the same impact, telling the reader what we all need to be reminded of. Well done and keep writing.

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