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how to be more like a goose

Did you know that geese are one of the incredible animals in the world you don’t realise it but they are just like us for three reasons. there are lots of similarity goose and humans have but there is some things we could change carry on reading to find out how amazing they are there are .
First geese honk to uplift other geese and to tell them to stick together and stay strong but we humans sometimes bother to do that and think of others normally they would just think of them to improve that we could say positive things like keep on going if they are stuck.
Next is that the geese would stop if another was hurt or injured and if they were to fall two geese’s would fly down with it and would always stay with it even if it dies so most of us do this but we can do it even more and if anyone falls over and you in the middle of your game you should stop and see if they are OK .
Last but not least they make a v shape and the sleepiest go at the front so the front one won’t fall asleep and they take it in turns we could be more like that and help others even though they might not think its helping.
Now you know how to be a goose and try doing stuff similar to this.

One thought on “how to be more like a goose”

  1. Creativity Mrs W says:

    Thank you Avina, you listened well to what Gavin was talking about today. Well structured piece of writing with good leading adverbials. Remember to check your writing to check if you need any punctuation or if there are any missing words. It’s a lovely thought that we too can ‘be more goose’! 🙂

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