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Jays Autos Steal of The Day!

This car is automatic, systematic, hydromatic,
Wait, hang on, don’t want to be done under trade description!
This car is a classic, comfortable, conservative model,
With just 20 miles on the clock.
It is fancy, fuel-efficient and family friendly,
stocked with midget gems, iced gems and sparkly, fake plastic gems!
It comes in any colour, as long as it is orange 130u.
And can be yours. for just a box of lego, ready salted crisps and a teddy bear!

One thought on “Jays Autos Steal of The Day!”

  1. Creativity Mrs W says:

    This is BRILLIANT Jamie.
    I really like how you hvae used humour at the beginning and even linked it to the Lego that was mentioned in the show! The ‘gems’ reference is also particularly clever, as is the reference to the colour orange 130u that Russell mentioned.

    You are amazing! I always enjoy reading your contributions 🙂

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