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Lily and Alfonso: Arch Enemies by Bethany

I strolled into school with my best friend, Sophia Everett. Alfonso stood before them, a polite grin on his face. “Hello, Greene, Everett.” He bowed theatrically, his golden hair shining in the sun. “All right, winkle-brain.” I said. “Who’re you calling winkle-brain?” he asked me. I signalled at him with my eyes. “All right, Lily Green-face.” Sighing exasperatedly, I shoved past him, dragging Sophia behind me.

“HE is the MOST ANNOYING boy in the WORLD!” I stormed inside the girl’s toilets. Nodding her head, Sophia slung her navy blue satchel over her right shoulder and I followed her into the classroom. Everyone gasped. Someone had wrecked the classroom and Mrs Bridge’s mascara was pouring down her face in her tears. “Oh, what happened Mrs Bridge?” asked Alfonso angelically.

Mrs Bridge patted him on the back and sniffed. “What a kind boy.” She muttered. “I just want to know who did this.” Alfonso looked around. “Miss, I think I know who did it!” he glared at me like a devil, pointing in my direction. “Lily did.”

An hour later, I was at home, my Mum scowling at me and my Dad muttering how disappointed he was. I wanted to get my own back at Alfonso. I WOULD get my own back at Alfonso…

One thought on “Lily and Alfonso: Arch Enemies by Bethany”

  1. Sachin says:

    This is amazing, I like Alfonso’s character 🙂

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