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Lily and Alfonso: Chapter 3


I woke up to the sun shining directly in my eyes and blinked rapidly. My hair was tasselled and messy, so I stared into the mirror and brushed it, gritting my teeth. I realised how different Spfia and I really were, her and Beth both having dark features, and my bright, golden locks and blue eyes. Grinning, I checked my phone. There was a reply from Sofia and I read it aloud. “Sorry, Lily, I was with Beth seeing her boring teenage friends, you know, Sienna and Poppie? The answer is 1500. I think. Time for Master Plan Alfonso. Wish me luck. Sxx.”

I smiled more than I had ever smiled before. Muttering to myself, I typed a message back. “Good luck Soph! Hope you make it! Alfonso is in so much trouble! Lxx” Looking out of the window behind my bed frame, I shook a cobweb off of my toe and saw Sofia hurrying towards Alfonso’s house on Kite Avenue. She raised her hand, shielding her eyes from the burning sun. I waved back and she ran off, her dark purple skirt blowing around her legs.

Sighing, I thought of the look on Alfonso’s face! Laughing, I flicked the switch on my radio and picked up my half-finished book, beginning to read. Suddenly, Dan and Dec burst through the door and bellowed at me. Turning my radio down, I said, “WHAT?” They groaned and said, “We need help! Dad’s hurt his back!” I raced down the stairs, landing on the kitchen floor with a loud bang. Wincing, I looked over at Dad, lying motionless on the floor. “He’s dead!” shrieked Dec, waving his arms around.

Mum shook her head and looked over at me. “Go and do the shopping but no messing around, Monkey.” I groaned as she passed me a full shopping list on a post-it note. Slumping out of the door, I dragged my feet all the way up the road to the shop…

The tiny shop’s merry, green door swung open with a nudge. I hadn’t been for ages, being in Year 4 and with the Alfonso malarkey. “Hello, Miss Greene-gosh, I’ve forgotten your name. Dearie me!” Mrs Darling nattered. “Erm-it’s Lily. Lily Greene,” I corrected her, “Not Miss Greene.” I shuddered suddenly at the thought, swiftly rushing behind an aisle, attempting to hide myself from the old bat. Checking my list, I avoided her confused gaze and ran over to the milk aisle, picking up one with a red lid, and two with a blue.
A pack of unsalted butter made its way into my small bag, along with a bag of bread and three packs of yoghurt. I sidled over warily to the checkout, hoping that Mrs Darling wouldn’t ask any questions. Of course, of what I remember of Mrs Darling at least, she ALWAYS asked questions. That day was no exception-much to my disappointment.

“Right, dear-um-Miss Greene…” She began. “Lily.” I corrected bluntly, rolling my eyes. “Yes, Lily. How are your brothers then, are they 5 now?” Slowly, she pushed her glasses onto the bridge of her pointed, slightly lopsided nose. “No, Mrs Darling, they’re seven, in Year 2.” I crossed my arms, waiting for a stupid reply. “Oh, and how are you then, my dear.” I stopped. Nobody but Mum, Dad or Sophia had ever asked me that question. “Erm.” I tugged thoughtfully on my white leather jacket, fiddling with a worn-out, gold button. “I’m-er-fine thank you. School is getting harder, an’ all but I’m fine.” I stuttered.

As she checked out my stuff, she asked yet ANOTHER question. “How’s your friend-Sally-is she called- and Arthur?” she asked. “OK. Do you mean Sophia and Alfonso?” She nodded, her mad hair springing wildly. “Here you are Miss Greene. See you soon.” I took my stuff angrily, not even bothering to say ‘Lily.’

I thrust open the door to see Dad still lying on the hard floor tiles and Dec wailing, “He’s dead, he’s dead!” Shouting, Mum clenched her fist and signalled for me to put the bag of shopping down on the breakfast bar. Yanking Dan up from where he was slumping on the tiles-and encouraging a mighty yell from him, I went to organise the shopping in the cupboards.
You may think that I sound like an itty-bitty 9-year-old angel but I was really just trying to get out of the house. After much difficulty, I helped Dad lift himself off the floor. Shoving the phone into my hand, she chased the twins up the stairs.

I dialled Dr Stethoscope’s number: 99024 569 031, and waited for an answer. “Hello?” A gruff voice came from the end of the receiver. “Hello, Dr Stethoscope!” I giggled. “Ah, young Lily Greene-I see. What mishap has occurred now, eh?” he asked, sounding merry for such an old man. “My Dad, um, Lionel Greene, has hurt his back. Can you come to our house please?” I asked, trying to sound as grown up as I could. “Address please?” he asked. That was my moment. I had memorised our address off by heart. “Potter House, Jubilee Lane, Swordham, Ursham, JK14 5TY.” I recalled. “Alright! See you soon, young Lily.” I placed the phone on the side and raced upstairs, to see my Mum’s bottom poking out of the twins’ door. Stifling a giggle, sidled past into my room.

Yet again, I picked up my phone to see a message from Sophia which made my heart leap.
Hey Lily. I did it! Your luck did it-I mean. How are you? See you on Monday. Well-tomorrow! Sxx
I laughed and rushed downstairs. Dr Stethoscope was bent right over Dad as he grimaced, inspecting his back. Looking up, he bellowed, “Hello, young Lily. You are rather tall; aren’t you nine now, I recall?” he asked. YES! He was the ONLY ONE who remembered my age! “Yes, Doctor.” I replied as sensibly as I could, trying to hide my laughs as his ruler-straight moustache wobbled hilariously over his fat top lip.

“Your Dad.” The Doctor began. At a pointed look from Mum, he coughed and corrected himself. “Dad and husband, of course.” He smiled apologetically at Mum. “Has given himself back-ache. He’ll need to rest, so I am glad to say that the eldest child shall help you do the housework. Lily is perfectly responsible.” Nodding, Mum looked at me, and Dan hid a snigger from the top of the stairs. Glaring at him, I stormed upstairs, drew my curtains with a mighty ZIP and snuggled into bed. Closing my eyes, I dreamt of working out our Master Plan.

One thought on “Lily and Alfonso: Chapter 3”

  1. Rachel Orr says:

    You have got me gripped now with chapter 3.
    You have used some mORR great verbs that simply make me smile. I always wake up with hair that is messy. I love how you acknowledge differences. I am red haired with green eyes.
    The language you use in this sentence already gives me an image of how you are feeling and moving. ‘Slumping out of the door, I dragged my feet all the way up the road to the shop…’
    Shuddered, thrust, clenched, stifling, sidled, grimaced – they really all do bring your writing alive and paint pictures as we read.

    ORRsome work. Looking fORRward to chapter 4. Once you’ve finished all the chapters, it would be great to print and turn them into a book.

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