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Lily and Alfonso Chapter 4 by Bethany Kilgour

I skipped to school, the weight of my revenge on Alfonso off of my shoulders. “Hey, Lily! Get my message? I DID IT!” Sofia came up behind me, and I nodded eagerly.

Inside the gates, we eyed Alfonso carefully, until we reached the classroom door, and Mrs Bridge went indoors. Sitting at our desks, we exchanged a sneaky glance, and the boy sitting next to me gave Sofia a funny look. She shrugged, fake-smiling, as Mrs Bridge collected the homework, and Sofia quickly passed me mine, from her bag.

“Why, thank you Lily, you have redeemed yourself, I see. And you Sofia, her partner-in-crime!” Mrs Bridge grinned, and Alfonso smirked smugly. “Alfonso King, where is your homework?” she declared. “Um-Mrs Bridge-I did it- I swear. But, but…” Alfonso stammered quietly, his voice fading into a confused cough.

Later, as we traipsed out of school, we saw Alfonso’s Mum, Ivy, drag him out, tears streaming down his pale cheeks.

“I feel sorry for Alfonso, y’know, Lily.” Sofia whispered, hastily running over the road with me. I nodded slowly, and waved goodbye to her as I slipped through the orange door to our house.