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Magical Music.

I feel that music is absolutely amazing because it makes you feel so many different emotions but I’ve never found a song that makes anyone feel angry. I usually listen to music when I’m really bored or doing a drawing. It helps me relax or, if I’m drawing, it helps me get in the mood for it. I listen to slightly strange music for my personality such as songs some people find “scary”. When I listen to songs they make me feel like I’m in an empty room and there is the music playing in the background. I don’t listen to very much music but I also play piano which can make me feel happy as I enjoy playing the pieces that I do.

One thought on “Magical Music.”

  1. Rachel Orr says:

    Hello Dexter,

    I agree with you that I haven’t found a song that makes me angry. I listen to music all day long and mainly on the radio. I like a wide variety of music spanning many decades. I feel it impORRtant to experience music across a wide spectrum. Sounds as though you are trying this out.

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