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maths is cool

Even though i do not like math i still understand why we have to use it .

Math is useful as if you are a nurse you have to know how many pills to jive to you passiont also for building house so you know how long the wood should be or you will jet a bad house .and when you go to the shop .

Galileo used math to look at the sun and moon but he went blind when he look at the sun .

A scientist work out that the solar system does not g o in a circle and it goes in a egg shape by using math.

You also need know how to do math when you are cooking

And newton also look at space but he did not go blind .

If it was not for mathematicians we would not know all these amazing facts about the would

Now you now why math is amazing

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  1. Bethany (10) says:

    I really like how you phrased this piece of writing! It makes sense, and also is very informative to the reader! WELL DONE KITTY! I really love this section of writing from you!

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