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Mechanical story by Keerat

As the old, wooden floorboards slid into the wall, I stared into black abys and asked myself why did I press all the buttons in the shop? I took a step back. As I did, I heard a voice, “Looks like you found it…” I turned around. Not that I wanted to, but I did so because I needed to know who spoke that sentence. Could this be the owner or someone else… “Ha ha ha ha! Got yooou!” It turned out it was not the owner but my brother Jack. “Ahh come on man. What the?” Jack wore blue jeans and a dark yellow T-Shirt. After we looked down the dark hole Jack said swinging his arms, “Come on man lets go down”. As he did, his left hand hit a glass cat’s nose and a deep rumble came from within the hole. “What did you do?”
“Nothing, I did nothing!”
“Well, you did something!” I shouted and held onto the nearest pole. My legs were in the air, so were Jacks and it was like the hole was sucking us in. “Hold on!” I shouted. BOOM. All I could see was the azure sky and all the small houses below me like small, perfectly cut pebbles. “Urrr where, am I?” I said looking across. My eyes widened. I noticed that I was in the grasp of a robot that was flying! “Jack are you there?” I shouted over the sharp wind. “Yeah, I’m here.”
“Do you know what’s happening?”
“Yes, I do, the place started to crumble, and this robot came and picked us up and now we are up in the air.” It took me a while to take in what had happened, what was harder was to take in what had happened down below. As the colossal machine landed in a small clearing in Seret Park, I had a look at him. His eyes were made out of torches, his body was the shell of a car and the attachments were old rusty pipes. “Friend,” It said in a broken voice, “You let me out.”
A friend I repeated… A robot friend.