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Music in my life

I listen to music most days, especially if I am in a good mood and I really want to dance and express how happy I feel. Usually, I listen to music at the end of the day when all the jobs for the day have been done, supper has been made and eaten, the dishes have been washed up and cleared away. Then I am ready to relax! I might go up to my room and play my favourite music loudly or I might go out for a walk or run in the woods while listening to my music on my headphones.
There are all sort of music that I enjoy listening to but usually I like music that is emotional and has interesting lyrics that might tell a story. Occasionally, I like listening to lively music that makes me want to move and wave my arms in the air.
When I listen to music I feel a range of emotions from ecstatic to tearful depending on the piece. This is the power of music. It can move you in all sorts of ways.

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