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My hope.

I hope that in the future I will be happy, have a sustainable amount of food and money, a roof over my head and a happy, loving family. Also I hope that I will become a musician and still be in-touch with my friends and that they are also living happily. As well as that i hope that the world isn’t as messed up as it is now and that it is not as horrible and ruined for my family.

2 thoughts on “My hope.”

  1. Carol Allen says:

    Hello Dexter,
    I have read this and find myself totally agreeing with you. My hope is that your hopes come true for you, but I am wondering if you have thought about how you might use your love of music to help the world stay happy and peaceful? Well done and keep writing!

    1. Dexte says:

      Thank you and i might use my love of music by making a song for a sad friend or person or maybe in a different way.

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