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My hopes for the future

I have a lot of hopes for the near future and some in the distant future.My my hopes are mostly about myself,my family, my community, the entire World and that Covid-19 will end forever and never return.

My hopes for myself is that I become a footballer or something to do with sports since I adore sports especially football.I know for a fact that if I will become a successful footballer I will earn a lot of money and I will be respected.

I also have more hopes about my family because they really mean a lot to me. I hope that my mum and dad have a healthier life when they are in there elderly stage, even though there are healthy already.I also wish that my grandparents can live another 15 strong years so that I can see them smile when i’m a grown-up.The last person I hope has a phenomenal life is my cute 5 year sister and hope she becomes a wonderful singer or artist because she’s great for her age.

The next thing I hope goes is people littering in the oceans and in the public because it is extremely bad.When One person litters they think it is okay because its one piece of rubbish but more and more people think that is okay and that’s how the World becomes full of litter and rubbish.

Finally my hopes for the World is that Covid-19 disappears and never comes back and pollution will stop and people will stop chopping down TREES!!!

One thought on “My hopes for the future”

  1. Creativity Mrs W says:

    Thank you Aaron for your effort with this writing. You have organised it into paragraphs and elaborated on your ideas. I can really hear your voice through this writing. Why do you hope trees will stop being chopped down? Have a look through your writing and include some more punctuation eg, parenthesis ( ) or – – dashes, also fronted adverbials need punctuation if they are at the beginning of the sentence. Thank you Aaron 🙂

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