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Now a word from our sponsor

Now a word from our sponsor!

The Guitar Playing Plectrum

Are you a guitarist? Do you often make tiny but off tune and bad sounding mistakes? Well if so, you need this astounding revolution in musical tech.

This wounderous machine is an amazing yet miniscule plectrum shaped piece of technology. So imagine, your playing live and accidently mute a string (we’ve all been there) and it sounds terrible. Well, this plectrum calculates exactly what note or chord you are trying to play. Plus, it has a built in tuner so you can sound great even when not using this fantastical invention.

You may be wondering “Well how could this possibly work without a Bluetooth amp?” Well answer is something we like to call ‘P.C.P’ or ‘Plug, Connect, Play’. For just an extra £2 you can buy our plug-in adapter which allows a guitar input AND let’s you connect to the pic. Simply plug the adapter in, connect the pic and start playing. We have a simple mechanism of clicking the power button once for on and twice for off preventing power of mid performence.

In conclusion, this revaluation can cover up your mistakes making you sound amazing. Additionally, begginers sound better than ever!

However, don’t take our word for it! Listen to what Eric Clapton – one of the world’s greatest guitarists of all time – has to say about this jaw-dropping invention! “This wonder is amazingly helpful if I accidentally mute a string! Also, it gives my guitar an outstandingly clean sound!”

Furthermore, if you order before the end of July, you will receive a free Bluetooth wire for no more anoying cables! Our plectrum comes in many different thicknesses and designs to suit you! For more information, visit www.guitar plectrum.com or call 0123 456 7890.

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