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Operation Whitecliffs

The sky was grey, a storm was brewing, the wind whipped, waves crashed against the rocks. Deep in the ship’s galley, the dastardly Dungslingers were deviously devising a dirty plan. The town of Whitecliffs had been happy for far too long. Their constant merriment made the ears of the Dungslingers bleed. Singing and dancing was evil and made far too many people smile. Their plan was to rid Whitecliffs of music, party food and clowns!
Step one, to storm the town and shoot down anything colourful, with a swish of a cutlass, the heads of colourful flowers, lay dead on the floor.
Step two, unleash Bandit, Basher and Burt the Dungslingers pet bulldogs to hoover all the snacks, treats and wobbly jelly that was piled high on tables. Step three, send in Carefree Charlie to capture the clowns and confiscate all music. What could possibly go wrong?
The Dungslingers rounded their troops. Battle commenced.
Step one, complete. Whitecliffs, now rid of colour.
Step two, executed! Three very full and rotund bulldogs waddled back, long strands of drool dripping from the mouths.
Step three. Wait a minute! All the Dungslingers could do, was look on, in disgust, as their own flesh and blood, Carefree Charlie, was dancing arm in arm with the people of Whitecliffs. His shirt covered in pineapples and round his neck a garland made of flowers! To celebrate Carefree Charlie winning the limbo competition, jellybeans of all colours rained from the sky. His distraught parents looked on in horror, opened mouthed, just as a bright pink candy floss flavoured bean flew into Mr Dungslingers mouth.
That candy bean proved to be a taste sensation. The pirates couldn’t believe what they had been missing. As they did some Scottish Country Dancing arm in arm with Carefree Charlie, flowers hung around their necks, they knew pirate life had changed forever.