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As I walked to school one morning a bubble appeared in front of me and it was as big as a human so I I kept on walking but then I went through a portal. Then I went into Africa and the bubble popped and I couldn’t go back. I was scared because I couldn’t get back to school, I wandered around and around, thinking. As I came across a little waterhole I saw a ginormous elephant. I remembered seeing Mowgli ride one in jungle book so I climbed up onto his back. He set off with me on his back to help me find another bubble portal. Fortunately after a few hours travel we found one in between two trees we found one. I had a panic that the elephant would walk through it and end up back in my classroom with me but luckily he dropped me down and he went back to his family. When I got back to school I got a detention but I was happy to be back safely.

2 thoughts on “Pop”

  1. Rachel Orr says:

    Thijs, I love the idea of stepping inside a bubble and being transported somewhere. I bet you were pleased that the elephant didn’t try to sneak inside the portal, although it would have made an interesting excuse to avoid detention.

  2. Creativity Mrs W says:

    Thank you Thijs for your creative writing. I like how you have made your bubble portal story exciting with the elephant. I hope you enjoyed Bubble Monday 🙂

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