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Robot maid

Do you ever wish that you did not had to do you chores? Well you are in luck you can just get the robot maid and it can do them for you, what ever you tell it to do .Read on to see how it works and how good it is .

First the robot maid will make your bed and breakfast so you can have it in bed and she will also get you clothes out .

Next when it is time to go for work it can drive the car for you and if you are ill one day it will go in to your work for you and your boss will never know that you are not in and the robot maid is disguised to look like you exactly for head to toe .

Then it can make your lunch for you and take work calls for you because it has exactly same voice as you .

It can clean your room and tidy anything in the house .

Now you know how it works you should definitely get and if it breaks not to worry as you can send it back and you will get a brand new robot maid and it will get back to your house in 24 hours.

One thought on “Robot maid”

  1. Creativity Mrs W says:

    Thank you Kitty for this machine writing. I like how the disguise is exactly like you from ‘head to toe’. If I send my robot into school, would you know? What would you ask it to check? You could give some examples of the things it could tidy in the house to make that sentence a bit longer. Good imagination Kitty, lovely to see your learning. 🙂

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