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Roll up, Roll up

Hi, I am Mr Jay, I ran away with the circus, but sadly they made me bring it back! As I walked into the ring another clown held the door open for me, it was such a nice jester! It takes me awhile to look this good. I have to buy my shoes from my friend. She has a shoe shop that makes them just for clowns, it is no small feat! My trousers are made from a special material only used by clowns, its poly-jester!

Now I am afraid of heights, but I did have a mate who performed on stilts, I will always look up to him! Its a strange place the big top, just this morning I saw some clowns with tightrope walkers and I have to say that’s the strangest flavour of crisps yet! But do you know being a clown isn’t always about fun and laughs. It is a stressful job, its in tents!

Honk that nose, thank you, I have been Mr Jay!

One thought on “Roll up, Roll up”

  1. Creativity Mrs W says:

    I smiled from ear to ear from the first sentence. This was such a brilliantly funny piece of writing Jamie. Honk that nose! Have you watched Fozzie Bear from the Muppets? Very him. Thank you for your circus-tastic writing. 🙂

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