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Sutton Coldfield by keerat

Sutton Coldfield
Come to Sutton Coldfield for we have the best park ever and amazing Swimming baths. There are many activates to do every day, such as a visit to Wyndley Leisure Centre, NPF Bassetts Pole and Empire Sutton Coldfield.
Sutton Park
Sutton Park is 2,400 acres long and it is one of the largest urban parks in Europe. The park has woodlands, seven lakes, wetlands, health centre and marshes- each with its own rich variety of plants and wildlife. There are two children’s playgrounds that are fun and exciting, also there are a number of restaurants located all around the park, with warm, delicious food. This amazing place has a dozen of paths across the land, making it easy to explore the emerald, magical park. A number of running events are staged here each year! Surely this park can’t get any better, but it already has with its own free sailing and fishing lakes!

Wyndley leisure centre
This marvellous Leisure centre is bursting with fun and laughter as it is easily the best swimming pool ever. Every day it is open with lots of lessons for every age and skill. The leisure centre has four diving boards and three swimming pools also if you are looking for a swimming birthday party then come right here, for we have an awesome inflatable obstacle cause to book.

Empire Cinemas
This Cinema is based in a Modernist building that was built in 1935-1936. The building was designed by Harry Weedon and Cecil Clavering. I think that this cinema is a great place to watch all the new and old films and the popcorn is amazing how they don’t put to much salt and its not too sweet. The soft chairs are upholstered with crimson fabric.

As you can see, this town is full of history and fun, great for the family. Come to Sutton Coldfield! I would rate this place a five out of five.

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