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The cookie cruncher

So one hazy, misty Morning on the planet called Earth People were just normally brushing there teeth, having there breakfast and doing what they would usually do until they spotted something in a telescope which people thought was a rocket ship. But little did they know it was a mischievous group of Aliens in a spaceship waiting for it to extremely late so they could loot an abundance of innocent people so they could search for a bunch appetizing ,mouth-watering cookies to munch since it was cookie day for the miniature children in school. So they zoomed their way down to the town that were doing cookie day in school they arrived to in the town ‘Kingsford’.there not that fussy about what type of cookies they have,they prefer to have chocolate chip,blubbery and even RASPBERRY cookies. First of all they like to glare at shiny windows because there probably going to end up cracking them or even fully mashing them up.So it was time they leaped out of their spaceship which was full of four other astonishing,astounding aliens.Without anyone spotting him he plummeted down onto the guiltless,blameless people’s house’s and THUD! it went onto the top of the roof of the firm, sturdy brick house and peeked his head down for a split second and back up swiftly. so he crept into the 3 year old girls room down the stairs while wearing his silent slider’s and saw… FIVE!!! Trays of cookies three of them were chocolate chip and the rest of them were blubbery but he was mad because their was no raspberry he friend said blee kee oh jah which meant NOBODY LIKE’S RASPBERRY COOKIES. No alien that’s ever existed in mankind liked or tried or loved but only hated raspberry’s cookies!

3 thoughts on “The cookie cruncher”

  1. Creativity Mrs W says:

    This is great Aaron – I love Raspberry Cookies! Have a look where you have written ‘there’ and ‘their’ as you have mixed the meanings up. I like the way you have used good ninja vocabulary like ‘plummeted’ and ‘mischievous’. I’m not sure, do aliens love or hate raspberry cookies? Thanks for your effort Aaron 🙂

    1. Aaron says:

      Hello thank you for reading my work and correcting what I did wrong. The one alien that went down to steal the cookies adored raspberry cookies but the rest hate raspberries cookies. ????????????

      1. Creativity Mrs W says:

        Thanks Aaron for making that clear for me. I love raspberry cookies…maybe I am related to that alien!!

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