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The day Jims dream came true

Little Jim is an intelligent boy that lives on a yellow canoe .Little Jim has bright blue eyes and sort brown hair he also has some equipment such as a water purifier and a small metal container. He has some coal a fishing rod and unusually a lighter, ruler and pencil but no paper.
He is very lonely and his parrot floo away .

One day there was a storm and Jim thought he would drown but luckily he was washed up on a small island. He thought he was all alone but then he met a chimpanzee called Tim! He was very happy when he saw Tim.Soon he had moved all he’s equipment and started to make some new equipment to make a hut Tim was busy getting some food and cooking it Jim and Tim stayed in the hut for the rest of the storm.
A few days later they saw a ship and Jim showed for help but the pirates just laughed at him so Jim swam to the ship and snuck on and stole from them and then the ship collected some stuff and then they left soon the pirates noticed that Jim stole from them and sailed back and then they thaght they cold do with a small sneaky pirate as they saw every other person that stole from them so they let Jim and Tim in the team.

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