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The Dog and his bone

The dog went on a walk and his bone got missing ,so the next day the dog went
back to the park so he can find his bone so he said to the wolf “Did you see my bone?” The wolf said “No.” The dog said “OK.” And the dog said to the fox “Did you see my bone?” The fox said “No.” The dog said to the frog “Did you see my bone?” the frog said “Yes follow me.” The dog found it all because of the frog. Moral: Keep trying and never give up.

2 thoughts on “The Dog and his bone”

  1. Creativity Mrs W says:

    Bobby, this is a lovely simple fable which reminds us to keep trying. Great that you said what the moral was at the end of your writing. I wonder what type of dog he is? Try to use some adverbs like ‘ the Labrador was walking ‘sadly’ or ‘unhappily’ so the reader knows the feelings as well. Good effort Bobby, I notice you are writing more and more each time you post. well done, I am proud of your achievements 🙂 (I like that you used my favourite animal in your story too – lovely little froggy!)

    1. BOBBY says:

      ty 🙂

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