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The Ferocity of the Manor

Tick, tock. Tick, tock. The menacing sound of the clock tower echoed through the dozing city as the machine started. Soon, the cogs were whirring and the mechanics twisting. The eye opened and instantly kaleidoscopes of colour injected the perfect inkiness of the night sky…..
Somewhere else hidden amongst the murky depths of the nocturnal blanket were seven wild mares, nostrils steaming as protuberant crimson eyes bulged like blood moons. Ears as ebony as polished black buttons; ears billowing and flapping like flags streaming in the wind.
The girl had known it wouldn’t have been a smart move to walk- identification would have been worse than the harsh bite of the snapping horses.
The only form of light was the dim streetlights and the glowing light of the lantern the young lass was holding. The idea of being recognised was pretty bleak; the moon wasn’t even that bright.
Tick, tock. Tick, tock. The clock tower had marked that yet another hour was gone- just four more until the sunrise light would reveal her. Four more until the people of the town awoke.
The rumbling of the cloud- hungry thunder lined the ash trail of the heavens. The girl knew that obscured by the fake alias of an innocent milk girl would do the trick to disguise. Nobody would suspect that an innocuous young milk girl would be the centre of a pursuit. The manor was now lit up- lit up with a warm glow that seemed to indicate something foreboding……

One thought on “The Ferocity of the Manor”

  1. Bethany (10) says:

    Hello Sachin! I really like the description, and how you created a feeling of doom! Congrats on winning too, it is a very worthy piece! You are a great writer with lots of ability!

    WELL DONE- Bethany (10) 🙂

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