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The Figure of the Forest- Bethany (told by Wish, the Sorcerer’s daughter)

As I walked through the deep, dark wood, leaves crunched under my feet, rattling and shaking. Dew-strewn sprigs of grass were sprawled on the floor and a heavy mist hung over the forest. My necklace bounced against my chest and I thought I saw a figure slip into the shadows. I whipped around, willing myself to have imagined the movement. But, no. As it advanced towards me, my breath caught in my throat and my head filled with worry. It grabbed my arm, its bony fingers crunching my bone and turning my arm numb. Tugging me, the figure began to shuffle up the path and I turned to run. However, it was too strong for me. “Who are you?” I managed to choke, gaining my tongue. The figure pulled down his maroon hood, and in the darkness of the eerie forest, I gasped…

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