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The holes.

A long, long, long time ago, in the Stone Age their was a girl, called Sophie, who was five years old and loved dogs. One day Sophie was playing with her brother, Sam, who was 6 years old when she fell in a huge hole in the ground. “Aaarrh.” Sophie screamed and started crying. “Mummy, Mummy HELP Sophie fell in a huge hole!” Sam shouted . “I’m coming, hold on Sophie.” Their mother (Rachel) called. A minute later, Rachel came running and pulled Sophie out of the metre tall hole. “Now where did this hole come from?” Rachel asked.
That evening, the village chief called a village meeting to deal with the holes that had started appearing all over the place. Sophie and Sam weren’t aloud to go as they were to young, but the meeting was near their hut, so they picked their heads out and listened.
“There have been 15 holes all over the village.” An old lady complained.
“What are we going to do?” People were asking.
Suddenly, a strange looking man was sneaking in and out of the shadows. “Who’s there?” The chief asked.
“I am the hole digger”….
“Stop digging holes then.” Everyone said.
“Nooooo,” said the hole digger “that is not my intention.”
The next day, two more holes had been dug……