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The Hunter

The deafening roar of the sabre tooth tiger pierced the skies as the women and the children fled from the village…the men grasped their spears and charged in with all their might however they were no match for him. He threw everyone around as though they were playthings…during the extreme heated battle a number of torches had descended and burned most of the village to ash. Most of the men had either fought and died or ran away with their families. I knew I had to do something, I wouldn’t let my village and family be burned to the ground with out a fight.
I knew what I was about to do would have been the most crazy thing I could of chosen to do but it was our only hope. I sprinted to grab a torch however I still needed his attention from a save distance; in fact… forget safe distance!
”AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh!” I yelled with all my throat had and charged in. Before he could kill the last man, he ran after me instead…I turned back and ran away continuing to grasp the torch in my hand. It was a seriously deadly experience.
Into the forest I went, I put the trees on fire as the tiger followed me and at points I saw him getting burned, It was working! I continued to use the same method nevertheless my torch began to burn out and I ran out of fire (terrible timing because I made it to the gorge) I stood their with no where to go, on one side was a canyon which could be my doom but on the other side was a tiger surrounded by fire… but then, it hit me.
The tiger growled as it stepped towards me and then it leapt with a vicious roar but then I vaulted out the way as it fell into the gorge and you could see it being scraped by the razor-sharp rocks as it disappeared into the darkness. My village… would be safe now.

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