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The Kraken.

“All hands on deck.” Growled the bloodthirsty pirate captain. Captain Cutlass you could probably guess, hence the name, was the best cutlass fighter in the world. “Yes sir!” His crew said together. They had just set off for an adventure to get the biggest treasure ever. Little did they know that they were going to have quite a different, dangerous adventure, that they might have not liked. “Hurry up, we have a long journey ahead of us, don’t slow. I want this ship in ship shape in an hour, chop chop!” Captain Cutlass shouted across the ship not really caring about an answer. Half an hour later, the ship was perfect, so they could set of. “Hoist the sails, you there, yes you, I need you to take the wheel, NOW!” The captain shouted orders all over the deck.
A few days later, every pirate was bored and wanted someone to kill. “Ship ahead!” the lookout shouted before falling out of the lookout point. “Aaaaaaarrhh” he screamed. Luckily, he landed on the fattest pirate ever to live (his dad was the fattest before him, but he got poked in the belly and went flying, never to be seen again).
“Attack!” Cutlass screamed. The pirates of the Scarlet jumped on the ship, and there was a huge battle. “Ching, bleh, aaarh, ow, stop, chink chink.” The crew of the Scarlet had won! But, it seemed that they were heading towards a hole in the sea????? “What is that?” Captain Cutlass asked. Suddenly, a huge pitch black creature came out of the hole. It came towards them and dragged them in the hole! “Aarh, its a Kraken!” the whole crew screamed……