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The lady bird and the stag beetle.

One day, a ladybird, who was called Dots, moved to a different field and decided to build her own house out of sticks and leaves. Soon after, she went to collect the leaves and sticks, which were huge for her size. As she was picking up her first stick, a stagbeetle came up to her and said, “ Hello my name is Stags and, by the way, I don’t think you’re ever going to be able to make your house by yourself seeing as you’re too small and the wind is too strong.”
“ I don’t think that, but if you’re so sure about it then why don’t you help me please? “
“ No, of course not, I’m just going to stay here and watch you suffer.” And at that, Stags sat on a stone and watched Dots collect some more huge sticks and come and pile them up. After about an hour of hard work, Dots decided that she had enough sticks and leaves to build her house. She started by digging holes in the ground, which were for her longest sticks to go in, but as soon as she had put her longest sticks in the holes, making a perfect square, the wind blew them over. But Dots didn’t give up, she put them up again and started to thread the leaves in between the sticks. Once she had finished that she grabbed a ladder but, unfortunately, the sticks and leaves fell over again. “Haha I told you, you are going to be here all day and I get entertainment all day.” Stags said.
“I won’t give up.” Dots replied bravely. And because Dots didn’t give up she finally got her house finished.
The End

One thought on “The lady bird and the stag beetle.”

  1. Creativity Mrs W says:

    This is fabulous Vicky. I like how the writing really has the theme of a fable. You’ve improved your writing by using relative clauses as well as all the other brilliant writing features. Did Stags learn a lesson by the end of the story? Try to include the moral at the end of the story which the reader can see. Great effort Vicky 🙂

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