The news.

Welcome, listeners, to the top radio show on the planet- Global Live! Bringing you today’s headlines are Dolly and Jeff.
The first piece of news is about this week on the internet, here’s what happened: Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (Pewdiepie) got enraged after child super-star Momchil won their battle- first to reach 200 million subscribers on the social-media platform: Youtube. We asked Pewdiepie to comment but we unfortunately haven’t heard anything from him yet.
Jumping into the world of sports, Charlie (the world-wide champion boxer also know as The King) has won $50,000,000 in Las Vegas! Loaded, he says he’ll spend the money on the newest Playstation 10 and a mansion.
People are rushing to Starr’s restaurant to try her new culinary invention after it got incredible reviews from many celebrity chefs.Have you tried it yet?
Heroically, Nurse Leeya has now helped 1,000 struggling patients, for this she has been given n OBE, what a fantastic person!
Finally, approximately 150 people were arrested last night after they wreaked havoc in the streets. Last night, during rush hour they blocked traffic whilst protesting. Amongst them was Masel (a well know eco-activist) who has now lost most of his respect.
I hope you enjoyed this broadcast, that’s all from us, have a nice day!