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The reason why I like Maths

I don’t really like maths but I do appreciate it because it is quite helpful for most thing.
one of the things that maths would help you is work because if you need to know how many staff are in so you have to know how to count
another thing you need maths for is being a doctor because he maybe have to read the bottle to check how many liters there are in the medicine because he might give them to much.
Also you need maths for solving quizzes because there would be some maths questions and if you answer it wrong you would not win and there may be a prise.
So you need maths for a lot of things even for fun things because if you went to the funfair you would need to know how much money you had so all of you could go and maybe if you were on a thirty pound budget or something like that then you would need to know how many things you could get.
And cooks and chefs need to weigh and use time and see how long it needs.
So there is plenty of stuff that you could use maths for and there is more things that you could use maths for but that would take me ages to write. Well you have to do maths or you would have a terrible job and you use it every day.
Galileo was one of the best of mathematician and scientists in the world and Isaac Newton was as well I think they made the telescope.

2 thoughts on “The reason why I like Maths”

  1. Bethany (10) says:

    I love the humor in this piece of writing, and yet the information is brilliant. I also like how you made everything make sense, and it seemed as though you were advertising maths!

  2. Creativity Mrs W says:

    Thanks Avina – yes, I agree with Bethany, it does seem like you are advertising Maths!

    Great that you’ve included Scientists like Galileo and Newton to back up your argument. Any other female Mathematicians or Scientists you could use? Remember to think of diversity too.

    Remember to check your punctuation and capital letters before you press send. I am learning to this more too!

    Thank you for your effort with this Avina 🙂

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