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The Shipwreck by Bethany (10)

I gripped onto the bow of our boat, The Leprechaun, the wind stinging my cheeks. As I looked down at my hands, I noticed how white they were and how blistered, red and sore. I noticed just how scared I really was. The rocks in front of the boat jutted out of the perfect teal water like demons ready to rip and tear every boat that happens to meet them (unfortunately). I realised that we might be one of those boats.

I heard one of the crew shout down at my Da. “Cap’n, Sir, STEER!” Danni screamed. “I am, Gangly-legs!” my Da barked back at him. At least we’ve got the lighthouse to guide us. I thought. Then, I wished I had never thought it. The light went out…

I sat in my bedroom window, watching the ships bobbing on the choppy waves. I had to squint to be able to pick them out of the darkness. Suddenly, I noticed that something was wrong with one of the boats. It was heading towards Dead Men’s Teeth, a cluster of jagged rocks in the water. Then, as it got worse, the light went out. I sped to the Light Room, hardly breathing. Flinging open the tiny window, I lit a candle and desperately tried to light the wick inside the light. I couldn’t. There was an almighty crack outside and I immediately knew what had happened…
The sun filtered through the windows of the Light Room. I must have fallen asleep on the job! Then, I remembered the crack, the light, the rocks, and I stopped smiling. Leaving only time to get dressed, I ran down to the water, wondering if any survivors had been washed up there. I heard yelling. “Hello?” I yelled back “Hello?” A person stumbled towards me…

There was a girl. That’s all I can remember. I told her my name, and she told me hers. Willa. She took me to a small, cramped sort of beach house thing. Sitting me down, she felt my temperature and muttered something under her breath. I closed my eyes, feeling weary, and heard the door open slightly. “Bye. Before I go, don’t draw attention. I’ll light a candle in my window, so you know where to find me.” Then, she went…

The girl was strange. Dara, she was called. But, I was not one to break my promises, unless they’re hopeless. At eight, when I went to bed, I lit my small candle and placed it in the window. It gave off a warm glow, a comforting glow. The girl was going to be alright, for now…

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  1. Sachin says:

    I like how you’ve written from differing perspectives????

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