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The shoe diary.

Day 1
We were sitting. Just sitting. My brother and i are shoes and if your’e reading this I’m super famous, shoes rule the world and we were humans..or you just picked up my diary but were’s the fun in that.

Day 2
Still here but my brother was knocked off the shelf. Actually never mind he was put back up.

Day 3
OMG! WE were bought. The man did look a bit shady but who cares!

Day 4
HELP! The man took us then we were flung in the trash and it STINKS. If there is no more writing we have been left here and its horrible.

One thought on “The shoe diary.”

  1. Rachel Orr says:

    Dexter, I do like how you have used a diary entry to write about four days in the life of two pairs of shoes. I especially liked your opening lines of, ‘We were sitting. Just sitting.’ Two very short sentences with a repeating word set the scene very well. You don’t need long-winded sentences. I am curious to know if you are super famous, who are you? I do hope you are rescued from the trash and are able to continue writing.

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