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The Way Through the City,by Sachin

I am a cat. Not a car. R and T are next to each other on the keyboard. So what, you may have thought when all I said was ‘I am a cat’. I bet you must have been like, ‘Woah, he is so clever!’ when I said R and T are next to each other. How can I talk? Well how you wonder how we can talk, through our eyes, we wonder how you can talk!
The city is lit up, the neon signs are on and the honking deafens the sounds. Yellow taxi cabs speed past and my owner walks me into a shop. A warm blast from above blow-dries my hair as I slink in. It’s good, as I am all wet anyway!
We hop back home, well Jonalop does, but I pounce!
When we get home, turns out we have Indian takeaway- today’s onion bhaji, paneer tikka masala and jeera rice. I am not treated to that luxury- I am fed cheap, disgusting Puss Puds!
I scratch against the ridged carpet in anger. I prepare to redo the whole cycle again tomorrow…

One thought on “The Way Through the City,by Sachin”

  1. Creativity Mrs W says:

    Great Sachin, I like how your character communicates with their eyes. Sounds like the cat has exciting adventures!

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