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The Weather

Bob: Hello I am Bob and welcome back to the show and here is Ellie with the weather.
Ellie: Thank you Bob. Monday morning the sun will beam down on London and the surrounding area right from dawn so expect sunny skies. As we head into the night, a small rain shower will be expected perfect for any plants. Tuesday, expect more sun with a high of 33 degrees and a low of 31 degrees travelling to dusk, there will still be sunny weather. On Wednesday there is going to be a heatwave in Britain at 44 degrees still going until 8 at noon then it will drop at 10 then rise at 1 on Thursday morning. Expect a cool breeze around 5am and showers at 8. Friday there will be an increase of 10 degrees bringing the UK to its highest temperature seen in a decade. Thanks for listening to the weather, back to Bob at the studio.

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