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The Yoga & Wellbeing Show No 04 – 20.05.21

It’s The Yoga & Wellbeing Show No. 04 with
Maria Wojciechowska-Caneda – @CreativityMrs &
Russell Prue – @RussellPrue
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What can you be Grateful For?

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Lesley Collinson – @Les_Collinson
LinkedIn Link Here
Primary Teacher & Yoga Nidra Leader
Is back for another Live Yoga session for this week

Lesley’s Top 10 Joyful Practices

  1.  Sing in the shower or bath – choose a song, learn the lyrics and sing it
  2.  Skip
  3. Take a photo of a flower, draw a picture any medium charcoal
  4. Eat a favourite fruit or piece of chocolate really slowly, using senses, before putting it into your mouth smell it, listen to it, feel it then sense the textures as you are very slowly eating it.
  5. Listen to a bird or if you can hear a bird just spend time being with the bird – linger – 7 seconds to appreciate good.
  6. Hug a tree or talk to a plant.
  7. Smile at someone who works in one of your local shops
  8. Splash in a puddle.
  9. Wear a ridiculous outfit or something in your wardrobe that you’ve not worn for ages.
  10. Listen to beautiful music, maybe try someone you’ve never listened to before or someone you’ve not listened to for a while.




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